Finde here the answers to frequently asked questions about Microservice products and services.

1. Does Microservice sell stationery and office supply products directly to end consumers?

Answer: Yes, as long as they are a corporate entity

2. What is the minimum order amount for purchases?

Answer: The minimum amount is R$ 1.000.00.

3. What are the delivery times of the products?

Answer: Deliveries in Greater São Paulo are made the day following the invoicing. In other States, the delivery time is from 2 to 5 days, depending on the region.

4. I wish to buy for resale. What is required for me to become a customer?

Answer: For the first contact, it is necessary to speak with a representative in your region to request the documentation necessary for opening an account.

Find the Office representative nearest you.

5. I wish to be a Microservice representative. How should I proceed?

Answer: You need to complete the form with your information and wait for us to contact you.

6. Where are the products distributed by Microservice manufactured?

Answer: RAPID products are manufactured in China (under the supervision of Swedish Engineers and in Sweden; products from the OLFA line are manufactured in Japan and Fellowes products are manufactured in the USA.

7. How should I proceed for exchanges or returns?

Answer: Please access Exchanges and Returns.

8. Where can I buy the products?

Answer: Our products are sold in the main stationery and tool stores; access the link “here to purchase our products”.

9. Do the products come with a warranty?

Answer: The products’ warranties are printed on the respective packages. The warranty covers only proven manufacturing defects; learn more.

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