Trocas e Devoluções

1 – How should I proceed to exchange or return an item?

End Consumers:

Exchange the item in the store where the product was purchased.

If there is any problem, contact our Customer Service Center:

Phone: +55 (11) 2105-1300


Direct Customers:

1st Step: Contact our Customer Service Center
Phone: +55 (11) 2105-1300

2nd Step: Open an exchange request register.

3rd Step: Send the item to Microservice with a repair shipping receipt or an exchange shipping receipt.

The item will be sent for analysis.

4th Step: After the analysis is done, our Customer Service Center will contact you to report the result.

2 – What information is necessary to request an exchange?

  • Sales receipt number
  • Product type
  • Description of defect.

3 – What is the deadline to request exchanges?

Thirty days from the date of purchase of the product.

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