Barueri, São Paulo

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The Microservice has in Barueri, in São Paulo state, a distribution center with more than 18.000 m2 of built area, where the administrative offices, marketing and sales are also located.

Barueri are concentrated logistics warehousing operations , physical separation and delivery with capacity to attend orders of the whole country.

Working with various modes of transportation, guarantee the safe and punctual delivery of thousands of products every day.


Manaus, Amazonas

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Microservice is in Manaus since 1992, with a facility located in the Industrial District, with more than 32.000 m² of constructed area.

The injected plastics factory is also located in this facility. The industrialization of photosensitive films for various applications is also performed in this facility and all the products are shipped to São Paulo through a modern distribution center made for storing, handling, separating and shipping a wide variety of items every day.

With the latest infrastructure, advanced production processes, and ISO 9000 certification, Microservice’s production facility in Manaus is a model industry in the area of technology, which guarantees the high productivity and unparalleled quality of its products.

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